Pada Sewanam (Contd..) Gopis of Vrindavana

gopi service

Devotional Service at the Lord’s Feet an important element of Navdha Bhakthi is being discussed.   Today we start with a Verse in Srimath Bhagwatham.

    3rd Canto 9th Chapter and sixth verse.

It is Firmly Declared that :

āvad bhayaḿ draviṇadeha-suhṛn-nimittaḿ

śokaḥ spṛhā paribhavo vipulaś ca lobhaḥ

tāvan mamety asad-avagraha ārtimūlaḿ

yāvan na te ‘ńghrim abhayaḿ pravṛṇīta lokaḥ

The condensed essence of the above verse: ” As long as We do not take shelter of Lord’s safe lotus feet, We Shall have all material anxieties.- We shall be frightened .We shall always protecting wealth ,body, and  friends with lamentations and desires based on perishable undertakings of “My and Mine”  “

Once We start concentrating on the divine lotus Feet (which are two in number) We shall be free from dualities like Happiness and Unhappiness ,Profit and Loss ,Victory  and  Defeat .  God will definitely take care of us.

The obvious example of this kind of Bhakti is none other than Our Mother goddess Lakshmi, who is seen in constant service of Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet.

Then comes the Ladies of Vrindavana ” Gopis.”  (Cow Heard Girls.and Dear Freinds of  Our Lord Krishna) According to Melpathur Narayna Bhattatiri They are Personification of Upanishads.  He mentions clearly in the most important verse of Narayneeyam  (100th Daska First Shloka)

” Vilasth Upanishadh Sundhari Mandalaish cha”

When he was describing the Darshan made by him he says ,”The Captivating Lord was accompanied by Upanishadhs  (collection of Vedic Texts)  in the form of group of resplendent beautiful damsels .”

Gopis  themselves convey the the importance of the service of Lord’s Lotus Feet in their Song of Separation.(Gopi Geeth)

SrimadhBhgwatham 10/31/11

Chalasi yad-vrajaa-chaarayan pashoon
nalin sunderanath te padam |
Shil trinaankuraih sidatiti nah
Kali lataam manah kaant gachchati || 11 ||

When You leave for herding cows ,we are disturbed with the thought of your feet which is beautiful than Lotus  will be  pricked by the spiked husks of grain and the rough grass plants.

Such is the noble thought of devotees, on one hand they are grieved of separation and on the on the other they are thinking about Lord’s Feet.)

A pure devotee of the Lord never thinks of himself as the proprietor of his home. He surrenders everything unto the supreme control of the Lord, and thus he has no fear for maintaining his family or protecting the interests of his family. Because of this surrender, he no longer has any attraction for wealth.

Let us surrender at the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna. Let us all pray sincerely  to guide us to do devotional service at his Lotus feet. Let him be our Friend Philosopher and Guide.

Navadha Bhakthi Padha Sewanam shall continue……….

Courticy: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.


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