Request For More And More Calamities

                                        Request For More And More Calamities

                                             Srimath Bhagwatham

     Canto one- Chapter -8 (Part  Two)

Kunthi sthuthi and King Yudhistr’s grief

Text 19 and Text25


We saw how King Parikshith was saved. After reorganizing every thing  Lord was ready to leave .Maha Rani Kunthi appears and  thanked the lord, She almost recollects all the incidents and expresses her thanks to the Lord.

Bhagwatham  is full of prayers offered by Devotees.But this is Unique.

She specifically  says in verse 19 That

                                 You are invisible to

                                the foolish observer

                                exactly as an actor dressed

                            as a player and not  recognized

Then she recites her famous prayer Which is considered as Krishna Manthra .

She calls him with his full introduction and appreciates the divine look with lotuses all over and offer respectful obeisances.

                                                               Text 21

Krihnsya Vasudevaya

Devaki nandanay cha

Nanda gopa kumaraya

Govindaya namo namah

Let me offer respects to the son of Vasu Deva

the pleasure of Devaki

the boy of Nanda 

and the cowherd men of vrindavna

and the enlivener of the cows and the senses.

         He certainly restores life and vigor .Kunthi Maharani goes to that extent and says that she wants repeated distress. This speaks of her purity as a devotee and her strong faith in Krishn’s Mercy.

Text 25

vipadah santhu thathra shashvath

thathra jagath guro

Bhavatho Dharshanam  yat syadh

apunar bhava-darshanam

I wish that all calamities would happen

again and again so that we could see you again again

for seeing You means that we will no longer see repeated 

births and death.

She has understood the the essence of Krishna Bhakthi  and targets for liberation.. This is her maturity .That speaks of the glories of devotees of the Lord.

That is why perhaps King  Kulashekara   wants to to be Lord’s servent’s servent’s servent.

      Thava bruthushch bruthusch bhava loka natha (Mukundha Mala) 

She sings the glories of Lord in her devotional prayer. If we are not able to recite the full prayer at least we Should chant Text 21

and remember lord when we have calamities through Text 25.

Lord pacifies King yudhistra who mourns the war’s 640,000,000 dead.

Let us continue to drink this nectarean juice .

The next will be a verse from Canto 1 Chapter 9 of Srimath Bhagwatham with Lord Krishna’s blessings.

Courticy and Repects:

1. Spritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.


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