Dear Mr. Kejriwal

Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

The Common Man had elected a person, an “Aam Aadmi” who appeared to be a very thin ray of hope, when he had lost all his hopes as corrupt practices, policies and attitudes took the the driver’s seat in this country. He was helpless. He wanted to give a real Swaraj to his future generations.

Some people sitting in the opposite chair, who apparently knew you through and through and confidently predicted your fate in the elections, could never sense this trend. Nevertheless, many still reposed immense faith in you. Now, allegations are being made by forces aligned against your beliefs. Still, this common man is not perturbed and  will never get perturbed.  But, sir he does share some concerns.

The thin ray of hope should not be vanquished. Your duty towards your  family and your followers should be fulfilled; provided you are healthy & safe. Furthermore, it must be assured that this personification of ‘hope’ should not be harmed.

An argument can be made that thousands of Kejriwals will rise if one falls. Dear sir, it just might not be so, it took us more than 60 years for a person to emerge and fight for the beliefs and problems of a common man. It’s prudent, not to be foolish enough to take that kind of a risk.

It is better we starting accepting the notion, “Rome was not built in a  day,” that every good thing will take its time. The Policies that you propose are clear and are known to represent the Common Man’s flickering hope.

It is better not to indulge in  war of words or exchange of abuses. It gives an opportunity for the hounds to find their prey in badgering your every move and action.

Let us give a rest to this little monkey ride, get minimum security and withdraw from this unnecessary mode of activism, you ARE Chief Minister of the National Capital Region of this nation. Sir, you are in your mid 40’s. Move to a good house and provide us  with your services for a full term.


An Aam Aadmi.






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