1 /10 . Supreme Leader of All Human Beings.

                                                       Srimath Bhagwatham

     Canto one- Chapter -10

Lord leaves Hasthinapura for Dwaraka

Text – 27 and 28.

Krishna leaves

King Yudhishthira rules his Kingdom in noble way. Now Lord decides to leave Mathura as his work for the time being his over in Hasthinapura. No body is able to tolerate the separation.

In Text 26 the glories and virtue of God is described:

How supremely glorified  is the dynasty of King Yadhu,

and how virtuous is the land of  Mathura,

Where the Supreme leader of all living beings

the husband of the goddess of fortune ,

has taken birth and wandered in His Childhood.

In fact the Complete Vraj Bhoomi is glorified where lord has undertaken his leelas.   The Vraja Parikrama ,Vrindavana Parikrama,and Govardhana Parikrama  is done with lot of love and affection even  today with respects to their Krishna and not with aspirations and material desires by many devotees of Vraj Bhoomi.

The next will be a verse from Canto 1 Chapter 11 of Srimath Bhagwatham with Lord Krishna’s blessings.

With  Respects to Spritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.


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