Thumb High Lord Saves a Devotee.

                                   1/12 Thumb high lords save a devotee.

                                                      Srimath Bhagwatham

     Canto one- Chapter -12

Birth of Emperor Parikshith

text-8 and 9 

Thumb high god

In this Chapter The birth of King Parikshith is explained  along with the predictions made by the astrologers about him and his rule.

As we have already seen that Uthara’s womb was attacked by bramstra thrown by  Ashwthama .

Lord saved both the child and the mother.The child in uthra’s womb was suffering from heat of the weapon. He could observe the supreme Lord .It is described as follows.

Text 8

Angushta -maathram amalam sphurath-puratha moulinam

apeevya darshanam shyamam thadith vasasam achutham .

 In the blaze he saw at the size of not more than a thumb the transcendental, infallible Lord beautiful with a dark skin, a golden helmet and lightening clothes.


shreemadh dheerga chatur bhahum

thapta kanchana kundalam 

kshtahjaksham gadha panim 

aathmanha sarvatho disham

paribramantham ulkabham 

bramayantham gadham muhuhu.

  With the riches of His four arms, earrings of the purest gold, bloodshot eyes and a club in His hands, He was moving about, constantly circling the club around like it was a torch.

The lord took an avathara in the womb to Protect the child. That is the compassion Lord has for his devotees .  He vanquished after nullifying the effect of bramasthra .

But the child thought who he was and examining the same  so he was called ‘Pareekshith’. This inquisitiveness lead him to absolute devotion for Lord Krishna  and finally  hearing of Bhagwatham  from shukacharaya for seven days.

He  had all the virtues an qualities of King Pandu.

Astrologers said:

All-pervasive and all-powerful Lord Krishna  has  saved the spot less son from being destroyed by the irresistible, supernatural weapon. 

Therefore he shall become well known in all the worlds as the one protected by Vishnu. (to be called Vishnu Ratha)

No doubt he will be a most fortunate, supreme devotee endowed with all good qualities.

1.He will be like King Ihvaku son Of Manu in maintaining all those who are born.

2. He will be faithful to his promises and have respect for the learned just like Râma, the son of Das’aratha.

3.  like Bharata, the son of Dushyanta who performed many sacrifices, he  will spread the name and fame of his family

3. He will be as charitable as King S’ibi of Us’înara and protect the ones of surrender.

4. Like Bharata, the son of Dushyanta who performed many sacrifices, he will spread the name and fame of his family.

5.  Among the archers he will be as good as the two Arjunas [his grandfather and the king of Haihaya], he will be as irresistible as fire and as unsurpassable as the ocean.

6. As powerful as a lion and as worthy for taking shelter as the Himalayas, he will be as forbearing as the earth and as tolerant as his parents.

7.With a spirit as good as that of the original father Brahmâ. he will be as generous and equanimous .

8.He will be as generous and equanimous as  Lord S’iva.

9.And he shall  be the refuge of all living beings as good as the Supreme Lord with whom the Goddess of Fortune resides.

10. Following in the footsteps of Lord Krishna he will be of the majesty of all divine virtues, he will have the greatness of King Rantideva and be as pious as Yayâti.

11. Being as patient as Bali Mahârâja this child will be as devoted as Prahlâda was unto Lord Krishna and he will perform As’vamedha [horse] sacrifices and be faithful to the elderly and experienced.

12 .He will bring forth kings as good as sages, will chastise the upstarts and crush the quarrelsome for the sake of world peace and the religion.

 13.After having heard of his personal death, that is caused by a snakebird sent by the son of a brahmin, he will free himself from his attachments and take to the shelter of the Lord.

 13.Having inquired after the right self-knowledge with the son of sage Vyâsa he, oh King, will abandon his material life on the banks of the river Ganges and attain a life of fearlessness.

King  yudhistra performed   horse sacrifices  to get relived from the sins of fighting with kinsmen.

Lord Krishna was invited. Supervised the Sacrifice  and returned to Dwarka with Arjuna and others.

The next will be a verse from Canto 1 Chapter 13 of Srimad Bhagwatham  with Lord Krishna’s blessings.

With  Respects to  Spiritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.



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