1 /13-A . Let Us Not Be Blind.

                                                  1/13- A Let us not be blind

                                                      Srimath Bhagwatham

     Canto one- Chapter -13

Dhruthrashtra quits home.

 In this Chapter Vidhura  comes from kshetratanam and ask King Drithashtra to leave  the palace for transcendental  bliss  It deals with four important issues .Let us drink this nectarine juice .

The four important aspects are:

(a )        King Dritharashtra.

(b)        The  story of Vidura ( a Parama Bhagwatha)

(c)       Vidura’s advice to his Brother.

(d)      Naradhji’s  sermon.

             (a )        King Dritharashtra.

king dritharasdtrs

 King Dritharashtra is famous as the King of Kuru Dynasty . When we chant ,learn ,understand Lord Krishna’s Updesha to Arjuna , We recite the first and only shloka  uttered by The King yet he could not benefit by Bhagwath Geetha . This is the Irony of fate. He is physically and mentally blind.

If he has heard Bhagwath  Geetha  when it was being delivered , He could have saved his sons,stopped the war , could have understood Lord Krishna’s Opulence s and Glories.  Nothing had happened.

He had been blessed by Lord to hear the Mahabharatham.  Sanjaya was blessed with divine eyes  by sage Vyasa to see  the war and Narrate to the King.

If King wanted he could have listened to Bhagwath geetha when it was delivered.  But he chose to know about the war only when he heard that King  Bheeshma was in the death bed of arrows.

That is why he said ‘ Kim Akurwath Sanjaya’  that is What they did?He could hear Krishna’s Bhagwath Geetha  only as flash back and hence was not benefited,  But the Sanjaya could enjoy every word of it. that is Lord’s Blessings.

Let us not be blind like Dritharashtra  and wait for old age to know, chant and understand Lord’s Upadesham. Let us start it now and as far as possible pass it to next generation.

Now having lost the war and his sons he was with King yudhistra.

We shall discuss about  the Pure devotee Vidhura  who comes to meet the King in the next edition.

Canto 1 Chapter 13 of Srimad Bhagwatham)continued)  with Lord Krishna’s blessings.   1/13-B  Pure Devotee Vidhura.

With  Respects to  Spiritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.


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