1/13-C Please get out of here.

  1/13-C  Please get out of here

                                                   Srimath Bhagwatham

   Canto one- Chapter -13

  Dhruthrashtra quits home.

In the last editions we discussed  Vidhura and Dritharahtra .

Vidhura when returns from pilgrimage is welcomed. He meets his brother and instructs him.

He starts by saying to Him

“Please Get Out of here.Do not delay.Just see how fear has overtaken you”

Rajan nirgamayatham Sheegram

Pashydam bhaymagatham.(18)

Cruel death cares for none It is not a message only for the grand old man . It for each one of us. He further says:

Sa esha bhagavan kalaah

sarveshaam nah samagathah .(19)

My Lord is the supreme Personality of Godhead as eternal time (kala) that has approached all.

No one wants to die wants to die however his acute the source of his bodily suffering may be . Death is sure to happen . Then what shall we do?


Let us Prepare ourselves for death from this day onward.Let us remember and recite Varaha charma shlokam.

sthite manasi suswasthe sareere sati yo narah / 
dhaatu saamye sthite smartaa viswaroopam cha maam ahjam // 
tatas thum mriyamaanam tu kaashta-paashaana sannibham / 
aham smaraami mad bhaktam nayaami paramaam gatim // 

Sri Varaha, the Lord of the worlds assures Mother Earth.
‘ This whole world is my body. I have no birth or death . When a devotee of mine maintains his mind in an auspicious state, his body in the healthy state, where the dhathus of the body are in equipoise and thinks of me in that state and seeks me then as his firm refuge, I do some thing unique for that devotee, when he is totally unconscious like a log or stone during his last moments. At that time, I lead him via archiradhi margam to My Supreme abode of Vaikuntha to perform nithya kyainkaryam for me there. This is my unfailing assurance.’

It talks about the
1. Time of saranagathi – Saranagathi must be done when one is young and able bodied. (and not after waiting for all enjoyments to happen)
2. Who can do saranagathi – Any body (nara) can do saranagathi.
3. Way to do saranagathi – Just thinking (smarthaa) is sufficient, do not have to physically strain.
4. What to contemplate on – Contemplate him as the Universe (vishvaroopa) and beyond birth (ajam cha).

We Sri Vaishnavas can do panchasamskaram under the guidance of our acharyan  and continue to devotional service.

Let us associate ourselves with lord from the very beginning.

This is what in nutshell Vidhura instructs Dritharashtra.

Drtharahtra quits home with his wife.

They go to southern side of the Himalaya mountains  in the association of great sages. They got place called sapthastota , Ganges divided in to seven branches . Drtharshtra does Ashtanga yoga and gets into severe austerities and finally quits his body to reach the Lord.

His chaste wife follows him.

Let us continue to drink the the Bhagwtha Rasa with blessings of our Mukundha Madhava Hari.(Canto-1 chapter 14)

With  Respects to  Spiritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.


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