1/14 Great Bad Omens

                                                 1/14 Great Bad Omens

                                                    Srimath Bhagwatham

   Canto one- Chapter -14

    Disappearance of The Lord.


  Arjuna went to the city of Dvârakâ to see his friends and Krishna. In fact Lord Krishna concludes his Leela and leaves the earth.

Arjuna did not return from there.

Yudhishthhira observed various fearful signs due to the disappearance of the Lord.

He observed seasonal irregularities.

He saw that the people in their human sins turned to anger, greed and falsehood in heartening their means of livelihood.

There was cheating in ordinary transactions.

Misunderstanding rose in the regard of well-wishers, fathers, mothers and brothers.

Man and wife became to quarrel.

People became irreligious.

The pigeon appeared like a messenger of death and the shrieks of the owls and their rivals the crows were terrible as if they wish the void of the cosmos.

The deities seemed to be crying and perspired as if they want to leave the temple and also the cities, villages, towns, gardens, mines and hermitages have lost their beauty, bereft of all happiness.

Yudhishthhira   became restless and worried , he lost peace.

He saw Arjuna.  Arjuna appeared weak and pale. He asked him numerous questions and enquired about everyone in Lord’s family.

We are able to see the Lord’s absence has caused lot of disturbances.  We must always remember we should never forget his thought, always remember him.  He is the sole protector.

Let us continue to drink the the Bhagwtha Rasa with blessings of our Mukundha Madhava Hari.(Canto-1 chapter 15)

With  Respects to  Spiritual Master  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakthi Vedantha Swami Prabhu Paada.

Hare Krishna Hari Bol.


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