A Karma Yogi

Abdul Kalam Sir

A Karma Yogi

The best tribute we can pay is just try to follow him.  He has left us a huge treasure of knowledge. Above all he showed us the path of excellence and lived by it. It is true ,what lord Krishna said in Bhagwath Gita:


Yath -yath-aacharathi Shreshta-o-tath-thath-eva-ithara-o Janah
Sa Yath-pramaanam Kuruthae Loeka-s-tath-anuvarthathae

What ever                                                        Yath-yath

is done                                                          aacharathi

by the worthy ones                                  Shreshtah


that                                                                    tath-tath

alone                                                                    eva

is followed by

other lesser                                                  ithara

people                                                             Janaha

What                                                                  Yath

they                                                                      Sa

make                                                           Kuruthae

their law                                              pramaanam


the world                                                         Loeka

follows                                                  anuvarthathae

that itself                                                      tath

He was shreshta purusha(worthy one) because he was self less, helpful,talented ,truthful ,honest, considerate,hardworking.helpful ,empathetic,energetic,above all he was a in literal sense friend philosopher and guide.

Let us follow his foot steps

foot steps

God bless his soul

Hare Krishna.


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