Once upon a time a king had a practice of feeding Brahmans  .  While a Brahamins  were standing   for a good meals , It so happened a An eagle was for carrying his prey ,a dead snake in the sky .  The left over poison from snakes mouth dropped in the food of a Brahmin ,he immediately died after consuming the food.

Now Who is responsible for Killing  the Brahmna?

And Who should be responsible for the this particular sin while doing karma

  1. Eagle:   Eagle was doing karma of eating what is ordained.
  2. Snake :  Snake was dead. Sanke is not responsible for  the lava excretion.
  3. King :  King was pious and was doing social service. He had noble intention . He has fed thousands of  Brahmnas .



Chitra Guptha Got confused and Yams Dharma Raja was also in fix . So This judgement was reserved .

After some time a poor Brahmin  was approaching the Palace  of  the king. He could not find the way.   He asked the wayto a young woman  .  She guided him and also cautioned him and said “This King Kills Brahmnas”.

Now it was decided in the court That the sin of kiilling the Brahmin Should go to the lady who guided and cautioned.

Moral  :    If we blame any body We must be doubly careful, Without proper insight ,inquiry One should not blame .

Let Us be Careful

Happy Navrathri

Hare Krishna




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