Srimadh Bhagwatham 4. Bhagwtha Mahtmyam. Story of Bakthi (Devotion) Gyana(Knowledge) and Vairagya (renunciation )

  • Bhagwatha Mathmyam is discussed in padma puranam .Before drinking the nectar Srimadh Bhagwatham Let us know the power and grace of the Srimadh Bahwatham.
  • Naradhas story.


  • Naradha

When Naradha was touring the he landed in Brindavan.He saw an young woman with two old people.  They were fast asleep. That young woman had 1000 dasis.

The woman was worried.  She saw naradjAnd she saidI am bhakthi.

These two are my two sons.One is gyana and the other one is Vairagya.These dasis are various rivers.

I originated in Dravidha desham. Flourished in karnata and maharashra.

In Gujrath I became oldalong with my sons.  But when I came to Brindavan Dham  I became young.  But my sons are sleeping and they are old.

He tried to revive the old Vairagya and gyana  by reciting various manthras,Srimadh Bhagvath geetha,  upanishats vachanas

.They got up but again went to their original state .





There came akashwani   .

“Do not get agitated. They will be reformed by you your sat karya. You will  will come to know about sath karya.”

He inquired but at last sankadi brothrs  brahmma putra suggested the sat karma .

The recitation of bhagwatham for 7 days.  ( Sapthaha shravanm)

Lord resides in bhagwatham.

That is the essence and cure for our existence .



Naradha agreed.

krishna bahgwatham

to be continued…………….

Hare Krishna



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