Srimadh Bhagwatham Sapthaham By Sanakadi bros.Haridhwar


They started the to narrate Srimadh bhagvatham  for 7 days in Ananda vanam near Haridwar.

To Start with Sankdi brothers were the Vaktha and shri Naaradhji was the Shrotha.

Sath Karma does not need publicity slowly all started coming.

To Drink this nectar essence juice and gist of all knowledge

All devas munis trees all gods with their consorts every one came.

Shukachryar and tapaswis with family and manthras puranas vedhas

Vedantham( upanishadh) in human form.

Introduction by sanka

. It eradicates our papam . it will give every thing . achar anushtana viheena purushas papam will beeradicated.

Bhakthi wanted a place to sit

Bhakthi was told to sit in the hearts of listeners.

Thus Bhakthi became happy and gyana and vairgya retained their energy

regained energy by this sath karma.

Hare Krishna

To be continued……


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