6.Srimath Bhagwatham. Story of Atmadev. 1. Bhagvatha Mahtmaym

  • Athmadeva was a good bramin and was married to Dhundukari
  • They had all the riches in the world but had no Puthra Bhgyam .(Progeny)
  • They met reeshikar maharishi  in Narmadha river side. They conveyed their story.
  • Rishi Said You shall not have any issues for 7 Janmas.
  • you had committed a sin.   You had separated a breast feeding mother and her child,.
  • After repeated requests rishi gave him a fruit and blessed them as they insisted.Divine_Fruit_Atmadev_Dhundhuli
  • He gave it to dhundhuli
  • she was not interested and had lot of reasons of imagination.
  • So she gave it to her sister who was pregnant.
  • she gave some money to her husband and got her child.
  • The fruit was eaten by a cow.
  • divine cowShe named her son dhundkari.
  • Go karnar was born to the cow who has eaten the fruit .
  • He was serene but  Dhundukari did all atrocities.
  • Gokarn_Atmadev_Katha
  • To be continued…….
  • Hare Krishana
  • krishna bahgwatham

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