Srimath Bhagwatham. Story of Atmadev. 2. Bhagvatha Mahtmaym. Dhundukari became a pishacha./Ghost.

Dhundukari ‘s Attrocities : Dhundakari started beating his father Athmadeva for want of more money.

 Gokarna saw the attrocities and told Athmadeva that your son is Lord Krishna who resides in Dashama Skanda of Bhagwatham . 

10 skandam

  • Atmadevar went to jungle followed by gokarnas advice. He started doing Dasahma skanda paryanam and attained lord’s feet.
  • Dhundhukari became worse .
  • His mother could not tolerate.
  • She committed suicide.
  • He married five vaishyas.
  • They were avaricious.
  • He started stealing kings money
  • They took the wealth and decided to kill dhundukari
  • they killed him .
  • he died.
  • He got pishcha uruvam. Became a ghost
  • Ghost_Dhundhukari_Atmadevs_Son
  • Hare Krishna
  • To be Continued.



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