8.Story of Atmadev. 3. Bhagvatha Mahtmaym. Dhundukari’s Mukthi by Bhagvatha sapthaha shravanam.

  • Hare Krishna
  • Dhundukari roamed as pishcha demon Ghost
  • he was repenting for his sins.
  • Go Karna having known the unfortunate death in the family  performed all shrardham ceremonies in Gaya .
  • pinda pradhanam
  • Gaya Theertham is Gadhadhrakshetram.
  • Rituals/Pinda pradhanam is done in Vishnu Padaham, Akshyaya vatam and River Phalguni river.
  • vishnupadam realAkshyavatamphalguni river
  • The Kshetra mahimai is such all our pithrus and others for whom we offer Pinda attain mukthi.
  • Dhundhli (mother) attained Mukthi.
  • But When Gokarna returned home . He Saw his brother as ghost with no sign of salvation .
  • Dhundukari Confessed that his sins are so much only some special divine efforts could rescue him.
  • GoKarna inquired the learned scholars and they had the same answers.
  • So he prayed Soorya Deva and wanted solution.
  • Lord SuryA
  • Soorya Deva said that Srimadh bhagavatha Saptha shravanam.
  • krishna bahgwatham is the only solution for granting Mukthi. This is the Special Mahatmyam of Srimadh Bhagwatham

    All the villagers gathered .

    The Krishna Karuna has been bestowed to them .

    DhuNdukari sat in a wood moongil with 7 knots and heard the bhagwatham.

  • The bhawatham was told for seven days.

    Each day one knot blasted and on the 7 the day the 7 th knot.

    And dhundkari was relived from sins . Vishnu dhoothas came in Golden chariot and took hin to Vishnu lokam .

    Before going he thanked his brother and did namaskarms .

  • This is the Mukthi Pradhana  vaibhava Mahtmayam.
  • To Be Continued……….
  • Hare Krishna.

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