10.Srimath Bhagvatham.About NaimiSharanyam .Where Srimadh bhagwatham was narrated.


Naimisharanya is situated on the left banks of river Gomathi a tributary of river Ganges.
Naimisharanya is popularly known as Neemsar, Naimisha. Naimishe’-animish-kshetre meaning Naimish is the abode of Lord Vishnu called by his name Animish.
Following sloka of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (sloka-23) describes Lord Vishnu as Animisha, meaning the one who is ever awake, ever alert, and ever vigilant. He is the wisest of all.
!!GuruH-gurutamo dhaamaH satyaH-satya-parakramaH
Nimishh- o-animishhaH sragvee vaachaspatir-udaaradeeh!!
With the onset of the universe, 88,000 Saints and Sages went to Lord Brahma and prayed him with the notion to know the ideal place for uninterrupted meditation, a place which will liberate one from all the difficulties and sins, a place where one can get divine knowledge and for performing spiritual rites for the welfare of the humanity.
After hearing their prayers Lord Brahma told them that he would send his disc (called Manomaya Chakra) and it will direct them to the sacred spot.
He also said that wherever its axis will fall, that particular place will be the focal point of their sacred place for meditation. Having said this,
He released his Chakra and all the Saints followed its path.

After completing several revolutions around the universe, finally the Chakra settled at a deserted place and addressed the Saints that, this place which is dwelled on the banks of AdiGanga Gomati is free from all sins and calamities. Moreover, any deed performed on this sacred place will give beneficial results. There is no other holy place, as this one in this entire universe.

Saying this, the Chakra fell into the Yagyashala.
yagya shaala Due to its powerful fall with thunderous speed the underworlds broke down and huge gushes of water sprouted from underneath. Lord Brahma requested AdiShakti (divine power) Goddess Sri Lalitha Devi to stop the “Brahma Manomaya Chakra”. The divine power stopped that chakra and thence forth settled at this place as Lingadhaarini.
Since then, this place where the axis of Brahma Manomaya Chakra (Nemi) fell surrounded by the forest came to be known as Nemisharanya or Naimisharanya, and it became the central place for performing meditation by all the Saints and Sages. The spot where the Chakra struck the earth and water spring came out became known as Chakra Theertha.
From those days on wards these rishis were performing continuous yagna for Lokakshemam.

To be continued ……..
Hare Krishna

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